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Volunteer Activities
Duty Description
Set Up/Tear Down Prior to and after each home dual meet, volunteers prepare the pool (remove/replace ladders, hang/take down backstroke flags, etc.), and arrange the deck (move tables and chairs).
Snack Bar

Volunteer’s set-up, man, and tear down the concessions table at all home dual meets.
Timers Every parent whose child swims at a meet will be asked to time. This means you determine each swimmer's official time for each race. Being a timer is a good entry-level position for new parents. Some parents have been timers for years and wouldn't want to see a swim meet from any other viewpoint. If you can start and stop a stopwatch, you can be a timer. It is also the best spot to build parent camaraderie and team pride!

Timers start their watches on the strobe light and stop their watches when the swimmer touches the wall. There are three timers per lane and all three times are recorded. If two or three of the times are identical (to the 1/100th of a second), that is the official time. If none are identical, the middle time is considered the official time. Volunteers are required in 1 hour intervals. Note: If your swimmer is registered for 2 days of a meet, you will likely be required to time at least one time each day.

Meet Officials The Stroke and Turn Judges (Officials) attend training at a clinic before officiating at meets and must pass a background check. (4 total persons)
For Our Home Meet - Third Week of June
Hospitality These volunteers serve food and drinks to the timers, officials, and other meet staff that will be working at our meet. Hospitality is essential to the success of the meet and may include cooking, serving, and misc. running. (4-6 persons)
Awards Table The awards table prints scores to affix to ribbons, medals, and/or trophies that the swimmers win. The awards table hands out these awards to swimmers and parents. (2-3 persons)
Snack Bar Sells food, drinks, candy, etc. to swimmers and family. Snack bar is essential for fundraising at the meet. (4-6 persons)
Runners Take the timers records to the table. Volunteers are required in half-meet intervals. (4 persons)
Warm-Up Pool Attendee Parents are needed to watch and keep warm-up pool area safe for swimmers. Half-meet shift. (1 person)
Announcer Announces the swimmers in water, sponsors, vendors and results.
Head Timer Has a back up stop watch ready in the event a timers watch doesn't start.

This is not an exhaustive list of volunteer positions but gives a good idea as to the types of activities parents will be expected to help with. Our home swim meet is where many parents will pick up a large majority of hours toward their expected volunteer commitment. Parents will sign up for home meet committee positions at registration. For more information about how a home swim meet is run, USA Swimming has a handbook with great information. You can find it at:

In addition to the above positions, parents may also be needed to coordinate the following activities:

  • Team party – plan each end of season party
  • Team pictures – coordinate with photographer on team picture day to set up team shot, distribute pictures to families
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