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Welcome to Summer 2022.  We offer three groups, ages 4-18.  Please remember when swimming in Summer you still need to obtain an USA SWIM CARD (see below). Master's and Mini's programs will start in June, more info coming! 

 Summer Season                                             May-June         July

Blue Group (age 5-8) M-F   $200                  4:30-5pm         10:30-11am

White Group (age 9-12) M-F  $275              5-6p                 9:30-10:30am           

Red Group (13-18) M-F   $350                     6-7:30pm         8-9:30am

Mini Dolphins (4-7) M-Th $120                     4:30-5:15pm     10:30-11:15 

Master's (18+) M, T, Th   $120                       7-8am                7-8am

Welcome to the Durham Dolphins Swim Family! We offer three programs: Mini Dolphins (ages 4-7), Dolphin Swim Program (ages 5-18), and Masters (age 19+). 

The Mini Dolphins program is a fun way to learn basic swimming skills. Our Dolphin Swim program includes swimmers of all levels, from the young swimmer who wants to improve their swimming skills and physical conditioning, to our elite competitive swimmers that compete in Junior Olympics events. Coaches work with swimmers of all levels on stroke, block, and turn techniques, making it easier for each swimmer to build speed and endurance as the season progresses. Each swimmer is encouraged to reach his or her personal goals, have lots of fun, and contribute to the success of the Dolphins. Our Masters is an adult swim program with options to swim for fitness or competition.

If you are thinking about joining, you can also join us at any of our practices and meet our coaches and swimmers. Come join us at the Dwight Brinson Pool.  Check out our Schedule tab for start dates and practice tab! 

Below are the steps for registering, additional requirements and summary of costs:



1. Obtain your USA Swim Card
Flex $21.75, Good through Dec 31, 2022, 2 Invitationals and no NVAL (Championship).

Premium $93.75 Good through
Dec 31, 2022, all Invitationals including NVAL (Championship)

$8.00 through Outreach Athletic Registration
*Ask a Board Member about this program. 

*Masters need to obtain a Swim Card also through https://www.usms.org/
club name- Durham Area Swim Association. 
Provides the mandatory insurance required for ALL swimmers to participate in practices, and competitive swim meets.

2. Durham Dolphin Team Registration

Please see our updated Swimming Costs page for a breakdown of each group's pricing and options.

Helps to pay for pool and rental fees, coaches salaries, awards, equipment.

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* To qualify for the Outreach Athletic Registration, the athlete’s family must meet the eligibility requirements of one of the following: Calworks, Covered California/Medi-Cal, Homeless Coalition, Family income at or below state poverty level, Individual Free School Program, Section 8 Housing, Snap.

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