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Welcome to Swimming!

USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport, the Sierra Nevada Local Swimming Committee is our Local Swimming Community (LSC), and Durham Area Swim Association (DASA) is our local non-profit organization that operates our swim team programs.

In a nutshell, you need to:

1) Register your swimmer with USA Swimming using You will receive a USA Swim Card Number. Help page: swim-smarter instructions. The club code for our team is SN-DDUR.

2) Register your swimmer with us under “Join Our Team.”

3) Get an account on the to track your swimmers registration and all past swimming results.

4) Get an account on to enter your swimmer into upcoming meets. OME stands for Online Meet Entry. Help page: OME swimconnection instructions.

The swimmer “exists” in all of these electronic worlds with a fourteen character USA Swimming Swim Card Number which consists of portions of first and last name, birthday, and sometimes other random characters needed to keep the User ID unique nationwide. There are links on the SwimConnection website Account screen to “renew” annual USA Swimming registration for existing swimmers or to “register” a new swimmer.

Note: Research the meets before you enter your swimmer; entry fees are not refundable. Check with the coach or other qualified team parent about which meets to enter and how if you are not sure. You can view the “meet sheet” online for information prior to entering. You can enter events and then scratch them at the meet, but again, there are no refunds.


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